Winter teaching

The child­ren visit a boar­ding school during the sum­mer mon­ths in Lings­hed. It takes six hours to get the­re on foot. During the col­dest mon­ths of the year, from Decem­ber to March, the child­ren have school holidays.

In Yul­chung the clas­ses are held in an empty buil­ding with very basic faci­li­ties. Inte­rested child­ren can bene­fit from addi­tio­nal learning oppor­tu­nities in their own vil­la­ge. The school employs two local tea­chers (the Aus­tri­an aid orga­ni­sa­ti­on „Fri­ends of Lings­hed“ finan­ces one tea­cher), who pro­vi­de tui­ti­on with much self-com­mit­ment and enthusiasm.

At the moment, twel­ve adults, three stu­dents and fif­te­en child­ren are being taught. Apart from gene­ral edu­ca­ti­on, an important learning con­tent is the trai­ning of eco­lo­gi­cal awa­re­ness and the fur­t­he­ring of the region’s rich tra­di­tio­nal Heritage.


Folk songs are an important com­po­nent of reli­gious temp­le cere­mo­nies, cele­bra­ti­ons or wed­dings, work in the fiel­ds and child care. Here, one sings for every occa­si­on. This has moti­va­ted the vil­la­ge tea­cher to wri­te down old Tibe­tan folk songs, which up to now have only been han­ded down ver­bal­ly, and inte­gra­te them into schooling.